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Adidas Aerobounce Running Shoes
Keep every step fresh and full of energy in these men’s neutral running shoes.
Engineered Mesh Upper
The Upper of the Aerobounce is made from an Engineered Mesh. This allows cool air to flow into the shoe at the same time as releasing warm air from the inside, creating a cool, comfortable and fresh-feeling environment. This mesh is also superbly stretchy which allows the upper to wrap the foot like a sock which will offer a snug and supportive feel across the foot.
An External Heel Counter has been added to the rear of the shoe which will help to hold the heel securely in place, therefore, ensuring the foot remains securely in place which can help to prevent injury and discomfort. Placed inside of the Tongue and Heel Cuff is a plush padding. This will allow these key areas to hug the foot without causing chafe and discomfort. In addition, another feature Adidas use to prevent chafing and discomfort is the Textile fabric lining which is superbly soft against the skin. The upper area of the tongue is also constructed from Mesh which works as a ventilation panel and allows the shoe to release warm air from the inside of the shoe quickly and effectively.
Additional Eyelets have been included in the higher part of the fastening system. This allows the wearer to receive a more secure and stable-feeling fastening around the lower ankle and top of the foot. A Pull-Tab has been placed on the tongue which will allow the wearer to firmly grip the shoe, making it easier to get on and remove.
Bounce Foam Midsole
Constructed from innovative Bounce Foam technology, the midsole provides a superb ride and long-lasting cushioned comfort. The foam material is extremely flexible which allows the midsole to move easily with the foot and allows the shoe to flex where the foot naturally flexes. Another key feature of the foam midsole is that it offers fantastic shock absorbing properties. This can help to prevent the wearer receiving aches and pains which are commonly caused when the foot hits a hard and unforgiving surface. The midsole unit works endlessly to absorb shock and impact forces but harnesses the energy it creates. From this point, the midsole transfers the energy to the forefoot area where the energy is used to push you off to your next step.
Blown Rubber Outsole
The outsole of the Aerobounce is constructed using a blown rubber. This allows the shoe to offer superb traction on various surfaces, keeping the wearer stable on their feet to improve confidence and efficiency. Blown rubber is also super flexible. This allows the outsole to flex effortlessly with the rest of the shoe to move naturally with the foot. Cut-Out Grooves run across the outsole which allows the outsole to move and flex as easily and naturally as the foot does.
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Cushioned / Neutral
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