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New Balance FuelCore Agility V2 Women’s Training Shoes
Stay focused and feel lighter and faster, however, you train in the women’s FuelCore Agility. Made for quick, lateral movements, this training shoe is built for superior traction on any surface. Plus, stylish perforations help your feet breathe while revealing contrast color underneath.
Mesh Upper
The breathable mesh works to actively and effectively wick away the build up of sweat and moisture which is inevitable during exercise. Once the sweat and moisture are wicked away it is then transported away from the skin so your feet remain cool, dry and comfortable. Having the sweat and moisture eradicated will enable you to train with confidence and without distraction. Not only does the upper prevent the build up of sweat and moisture it also fights against odours so your shoes smell fresher, for longer.
Rapid Rebound Midsole
A generous helping of Rapid Rebound resides underfoot to supply cushioning and bounce-back. New Balance combines traditional EVA with TPU to create a platform that is 17% more responsive than their other midsoles. Enriched with energy return technology, Rapid Rebound not only spares your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving concrete but reduces the use of superfluous muscle power; diminishing fatigue and keeping you motivated for longer. The injection of TPU means that Rapid Rebound possesses temperature stability and longevity; making it a fast, light and reliable shoe.
Rubber Outsole
The outsole of the New Balance FuelCore Agility is made from a highly durable rubber compound and ensures not only for running comfort but also for energy recovery. This ensures your body remains stable through each and every stride and you maintain a solid base without the risk of injury or wear and tear. The outsole also provides an abundance of grip and traction so you can train with extreme confidence.
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Cross Training
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